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I have had only excellent experiences at Parkview across all classrooms from infant to Preschool 3. The teachers are warm and engaged and the curriculum is multi-dimensional and inclusive.

Burlington Child Care That Will Exceed Your Expectations

In Ontario, the Ministry of Education (EDU) has created an official document entitled How Does Learning Happen? It specifies four criteria as being essential to early childhood education; engagement, expression, belonging and well-being. The Burlington child care we provide conscientiously weaves these concepts into all aspects of our curriculum. No daily activity is planned or learning provocation implemented that does not touch on these fundamental characteristics in some way.

At the Orchard School, we are ever mindful of the busy schedules of our parents, and have tailored our hours of operation to effectively accommodate the workday. As a result, we open at 7AM each morning, and close at 6PM each night. Many have said that it is difficult to find a Burlington child care centre that leaves parents enough time to drop their kids off in the morning before work and pick them up at night afterwards. When your children become our students, this will no longer be a worry for you.

Burlington Daycare Services using Reggio Emilia Curriculum

The Burlington daycare services offered by the Orchard school use the Reggio Emilia curriculum, which was developed half a century ago in northern Italy by Italian psychologist Loris Malaguzzi. Rather than dictating curriculum with the teacher at the front of the class, and students stationed at their desks, the Reggio Emilia Curriculum sees children on their feet with interactive invitations for learning placed around the classroom all stemming from their interests. For example, a classroom of preschool children might be investigating robots and the teacher has placed a number of loose parts at a table for children. The children would then be able to create a robot based on their interpretation of what a robot looks like.  The teacher and children would have a meaningful conversation about the creation where the teacher would learn more about what the child knows and further areas of development that may need support.  When a child’s interest is ignited, learning happens on a deep and meaningful level. To read more about our Burlington daycare services and the Reggio Emilia Curriculum, have a look at our curriculum page.

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