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I have had only excellent experiences at Parkview across all classrooms from infant to Preschool 3. The teachers are warm and engaged and the curriculum is multi-dimensional and inclusive.

Burlington Child Care: Nurturing and Supportive Programs and Staff

Selecting a Burlington preschool or Burlington daycare program for your child can be a daunting task. You want to ensure that the school you choose has trained and caring staff, modern, clean and pleasant facilities and a comprehensive program to support the emotional, social and cognitive development of your child. Look no further, The Orchard School at 5200 Corporate Drive in Burlington meets all of those requirements.

As part of the well-respected Parkview Children’s Centres which offers Halton daycare in three different locations, you can be assured that the quality of care and level of instruction are first rate. The Region of Halton has honoured our service by asking us to provide Halton child care in two of its long term care facilities. The Orchard School is located in Creek Way Village and children have the opportunity to interact with the residents in the long term care facility, which supplements our regular programs. Our children enjoy interacting with the long term care residents in a well supervised manner. Both generations benefit from this contact in one of the leading Burlington daycares. So, when you’re looking for quality child care in Burlington, get in touch with the teaching team at The Orchard School. We’ll be glad to give you a tour and show you one of the best Burlington preschool programs available for your child.

The Orchard School ~ A Licensed Facility with Well Trained and Caring Staff

We offer government licensed and inspected daycare in Burlington and Oakville. You’ll find the well trained and experienced staff at our Burlington preschool provides the nurturing and supportive approach that you’d like to have for your child. Our pleasant school environment encourages children to play freely, ask questions, dream up, create and talk about special projects they can feel excited about.

We’re proud of the fact that our Burlington child care facilities are active members of the Halton “Quality First” program. This organization brings under one umbrella the Burlington preschool operations that focus on improving Burlington daycare services. At The Orchard School, we’re always interested in improving the quality of the program we offer and the qualifications of our staff.

Many of the staff at our preschool in Burlington are Registered Early childhood Educators, this credential, linked with many years of experience in providing creative and supportive Burlington child care ensures that your child will encounter a rich and friendly learning environment at our Burlington preschool.

Excellent Burlington Child Care ~ Solid Preparation for Kindergarten

Learning at our Burlington daycare is based on sound principles of teaching and learning. Contemporary educational research provides the foundation of our Burlington child care program which features:

-Nurturing relationships that encourage your child to be engaged and successful.

-Music and French language program that stimulates each child’s brain development and builds on each child’s ability to communicate

-A multi-purpose piazza and art room, one of the most attractive in Burlington child care facilities.

-Children leading the way by expressing their interests which are then supported by staff.

-A play based approach which allows the students to develop language and social skills.

-Children coming into daily contact with natural materials such as wood, stones, sand and water.

-Modern light filled facilities in a purpose built school.

-Nature and art in the classroom activities of our Burlington daycare.

-Stimulating environments, both indoors and out at our preschool in Burlington.

Our educational approach at our leading Burlington daycare allows children to explore relationships with adults, other children, and the world around them in a relaxed and responsive fashion, with teachers guiding children as needed. We find that moving on to kindergarten is an easy step for most of our children as they have acquired the skills and attitudes that allow them to be successful in that important step into the school system.

In our Burlington preschool program we believe that the child is curious, competent, creative and full of ideas. Given support and guidance from our teaching staff, and the innate ability of your children, in the time spent with us they’ll acquire a solid foundation for their first years at school.

We are the one of the few ‘not for profit’ Burlington daycares. This sets us apart from the profit oriented daycares in Burlington as we are able to invest any ‘extra’ funds into materials, facilities, staffing and programs. This provides a rich and creative environment for all of the children in our Burlington preschool program.

Our Parents Think We Offer Some of the Best Child Care in Burlington

When it comes to daycare in Burlington we’re pleased with the excellent feedback that our parents provide. Here’s what some of our parents say about their Burlington daycare experience at The Orchard School.

Jennifer C. writes: “I have had only excellent experiences at Parkview across all classrooms from infant to Preschool 3. The teachers are warm and engaged, and the curriculum is multi-dimensional and inclusive.”

Dianna W. reports: “Staff/programming was wonderful – very high quality centre!”

Aron Q. says: “The teachers we’ve had have been outstanding. They take the time to communicate directly to me details about my child’s day. I am always made to feel welcome in the classroom and that my child is adored and loved. The scope of activities created are always varied and feel fresh and on target with the children’s interests. I love that my child participates in nature walks.”

You can read further supportive testimonials about our preschool in Burlington on our website at: // Better yet, why not meet with our director at The Orchard School. Amber Landry can be reached at 905-336-8670 or Get in touch with Amber. She’ll be glad to arrange a time for a visit and an interview where she can answer all your questions.

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