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Over the past six decades the Reggio approach to early childhood education has become a ‘gold standard’ that many have tried to replicate.

Licensed and Government Inspected Daycare In Oakville

Thankfully, the Ministry of Education (EDU) in Ontario has mandated strict guidelines that a daycare in Oakville must adhere to in its operations. We take great pride in the fact that The St. Gregory School has consistently met or exceeded industry standards throughout the course of regular inspections. It is of paramount importance to us that parents are completely comfortable leaving their children in our care. As such, our daycare in Oakville maintains optimum standing with the Ministry and also use their education guide entitled How Does Learning Happen? to guide our curriculum creation.

Halton Childcare That Uses The Reggio Emilia Curriculum

As children begin their education, it is very important that a will to learn is fostered right from the beginning. At The St. Gregory School, we use the Reggio Emilia approach to early education. This acclaimed method, which originated in Northern Italy specifies optimal conditions and teaching methods that enable effective learning. Among many useful traits, it emphasizes the importance of documentation, which mandates that our Halton childcare instructors conscientiously track each student’s progression to identify their strengths and challenge areas. They do this through conversational transcripts and interactive media like video and photography, and this becomes an enormous asset for parents. For more info on how our Halton childcare centre employs the Reggio Emilia Curriculum method, be sure to visit our curriculum page.

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