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We have had our daughter enrolled in two different daycares now and while I thought our first daycare was terrific, it doesn't hold a candle to Parkview. What makes your school so terrific is the staff. Everyone is incredibly friendly and caring and thoughtful and it makes a world of difference.

Nurturing and Creative Child Care: Oakville Daycare by Parkview Children’s Centre

Selecting the best Oakville daycare provider for your children is often a difficult job. There are so many options. You definitely want to make a choice that will provide you and your children with a warm, caring, and creative environment. Let the professional team at The Village School allow you to rest in the confidence that your child is in good hands when he or she is enrolled at our modern, bright, and well-staffed Oakville preschool facility.

We were honoured when the Region of Halton selected the Parkview Children’s Centre to open The Village School in one of their state of the art long term care facilities. This Oakville daycare was purposely built to provide some of the best child care in Oakville. Set in a modern bright building, you’ll feel confident leaving your child with us each morning and know that you have access to some of the most sought after daycare in Oakville.

This Halton daycare facility is located between Upper Middle Road and Dundas Street West, just east of Trafalgar Road. We’re close to several major traffic arteries that will allow you to drop off your child and then head off to work or get on with your day. So when you’re looking for quality daycare in Oakville, you’ll want to visit The Village School. We’ll be glad to see you, and you’ll be glad you did.

What Does Quality Oakville Daycare Look Like?

The Ministry of Education suggests you look at a variety of factors when you’re choosing the ideal Oakville preschool for your child. Is the location clean and safe? Is there outdoor space for play? Is the equipment and furniture in good condition? Is there a good selection of age-appropriate toys and books? Do the children seem happy and interested in what they are doing? Are there opportunities for structured and unstructured learning and play? Are the adults warm and friendly and responsive to the children? Is the staff qualified? Is the facility licensed? What is the pupil/teacher ratio? There are other factors you might consider when selecting your Oakville child care provider, but the above questions are a good place to begin.

And of course, you want to do more than a phone interview when you’re looking at your best options for an Oakville preschool. Take the time to visit the Oakville daycare facilities you’re considering. Watch the teachers and children in action. Get a feel for the place before you make one of the most important decisions in your life, and in the life of your child…that is…selecting a quality preschool in Oakville.

We’re pleased to report, that as an Oakville daycare, licensed by the Ministry, and supported by our many parents, that we can provide affirmative and educationally sound answers to all of the above questions. Because of the first rate quality of our facilities and the programs we offer, we are listed as a Halton “Quality First” program that focuses on excellent levels of care for children and families in our community.

So, when you’re looking for reputable daycare in Oakville, or an exceptional Oakville preschool, you need look no further than The Village School, part of the Parkview Children’s Centre organization. We’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 905-257-1313 or drop our Director, Sheena Martini, an email at: She’ll be glad to answer all of your questions and arrange a time for you to visit our charming school.

Learning and Teaching at Our Preschool in Oakville

Our Oakville child care program is based on the trusted and widely respected Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. This renowned approach focuses on the emotional, social and physical development of children. We see children as competent, inventive and full of ideas. Children in our Oakville preschool communicate in a variety of ways and our job as teachers is to support them in ways of exploring and understanding the world around them. Our children are encouraged to define and follow their own interests with active support from our staff. Our safe and spacious courtyard for active play gives us one of the finest Oakville day care outdoor facilities in any Oakville preschool. Our pre-kindergarten program focuses on the key skills children need to be successful in kindergarten.

Most child care in Oakville is offered on a ‘for profit’ basis. We’re proud of the fact that The Village School offers a not-for-profit Oakville child care facility in the community. This means that we can invest any extra resources into the program, facilities and equipment at the school. This ensures we can offer one of the best staffed and equipped Halton child care facilities available to you and your children.

Reviews of Our Oakville Daycare at The Village School

Let our parents speak! Our parents are pleased with our programs and services, and we’re pleased with our reputation as one of the best Oakville daycare operations. Here are some recent comments on our Oakville child care program and staff from a few of our many happy parents: “You have some amazing, loving, nurturing teachers who made our experience wonderful.” “We’ve had our daughter enrolled in two preschools in Oakville now, and while I thought the first daycare was terrific, it doesn’t hold a candle to your school.” “We enjoyed our time at Parkview, it was all about the teachers and staff…the teachers were excellent and went above and beyond to work with the children individually to keep them challenged and engaged.” We value this feedback from our parents and are honoured to share with them in the social, emotional and physical development of their children

So, when you’re looking for respected, trusted, caring and creative child care in Oakville, give us a call at The Village School, 905-257-1313 or drop us an email. We’ll be pleased to show you one of the best Oakville daycares in town.

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