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We have had our daughter enrolled in two different daycares now and while I thought our first daycare was terrific, it doesn't hold a candle to Parkview. What makes your school so terrific is the staff. Everyone is incredibly friendly and caring and thoughtful and it makes a world of difference.

A Preschool In Oakville Exceeding Licensing Standards

The Village School is committed to being a truly exceptional preschool in Oakville and our facilities are regularly inspected by the Ministry of Education (EDU).  We are enormously proud of the fact that we have always met or exceeded industry standards, while obeying rigorous guidelines and employing the Ministry’s four foundations of learning in all of our educational endeavors. For parents, we know that selecting the right preschool is an extremely important decision, and we are committed to earning your trust by consistently operating our preschool in Oakville at the highest level.

Oakville Childcare With Reggio Emilia Curriculum

Our Oakville childcare is modeled after the critically acclaimed Reggio Emilia curriculum approach to early education, which originated in Northern Italy. With this method, children are constantly engaged with their learning environment, and communicating their ideas through various media using natural materials found in the earth and loose parts. Teachers of Reggio Emilia curriculum employ the pedagogy method of emergent curriculum, where the course of a child’s learning is tailored to their unique talents and curiosities. Parents are always invited to visit our classrooms to take part in their child’s learning. There is no better way to see the method at work than firsthand.  For more information on Reggio Emilia curriculum, visit our curriculum page.

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