Burlington and Oakville Child Care in a Supportive & Nurturing Environment

Parents looking for child care, daycare or a preschool program are often looking for the same thing. They are looking for a high quality early learning program where their child will be nurtured and supported in all areas of development. Parents want to see their children be successful and meet their full potential.

Parkview Children’s Centre is recognized in Halton as one of the leading child care/daycare centres for the quality of the infant, toddler, preschool and pre-kindergarten programs offered. Our two Burlington schools were recipients of the prestigious 2015 Burlington Post Readers’ Choice Best Daycare Diamond Award for the high quality program offered

Oakville Preschool Child Learning

We provide early learning and child care based on the world famous Reggio Emilia approach to teaching young children. This approach to learning has a number of grounding principles which our Parkview child care/daycare facilities subscribe to:

  • Children must have some control over the direction of their learning.
  • Children learn through touching, moving, listening and observing.
  • Children focus on relationships with other students, teachers and the concrete world around them.
  • Children in our Burlington and Oakville child care/daycare programs will be provided with endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.

As part of our project based curriculum, the children in our schools encounter an environment that focuses on learning through relationships, research and art. Each school is organized around a number of learning centres where children are encouraged to explore a wide variety of art materials, real life experiences and natural resources.

What Does the Reggio Emilia Approach to Teaching Look Like?

There are a number of values and criteria that are key to the Reggio Emilia style of educating young children. We attempt to incorporate many of them into the daily routines at all three schools.As educators of preschool children we believe in collaboration. Successful and rewarding infant, toddler and preschool education is the result of teachers, children, parents and the larger community working together to provide stimulating and supportive learning activities.

Our image of the child is one that assumes children are competent, curious, inventive, and full of ideas.

Reggio Emilia Approach To Learning Child Care Burlington

At Parkview Children’s Centres the environment acts as a third teacher. Our goal as educators is to provide child care/daycare spaces that are clean, bright, stimulating and comfortable. The environment is designed to create interaction between various resources, teachers, the community and the children.

Relationships of many sorts are key to the healthy development of young children while they are in child care and developing in all areas. The connections between objects in the room, other children, teachers, parents and the community at large are all important building blocks for a solid educational foundation. Children in our Burlington and Oakville child care/daycare centres are encouraged to explore all of these relationships.

You’ll find a high level of transparency in our daycare/child care facilities. From the bright light that infuses every open space to the mirrors and light tables, and our openness to new ideas and ways of thinking, transparency is an important element in all of our schools.

Reggio Emilia Approach to Teaching

Parents will appreciate the use of documentation throughout our programs. Documentation provides evidence of children’s learning. Through concrete projects, drawings, photographs and verbal interaction, parents will be able to witness the progress of their children and have a clear notion of their child’s learning experiences. These projects give teachers the opportunity to evaluate their own work and refine the curriculum to better meet the individual abilities and needs of your child.

By listening closely to the children as they interact within their environment and with other children in the classroom, teachers can refine their approach to provoke further thought and actions. This allows children to explore a topic in depth with some guided assistance from our professional teachers.

Our Team of Professional Teachers

At all three schools, our main focus is on an active and interactive project based learning model for the children. This program is supported by a dedicated, caring and experienced team of teachers that assist the children in reaching their full potential.

In each classroom you will find two Registered Early Childhood Educators and Early Childhood Assistants who have a combination of education and experience in related fields that help support our comprehensive program and your child.

Burlington Preschool Teacher with student

Research tells us that trained and qualified teachers provide a higher quality of care due to their knowledge about how children grow and learn. Parkview exceeds minimum standards and requires that two Registered Early Childhood Educators be in each classroom. Our teachers participate in continuous professional development activities to enhance their work in this field. This on-going professional development occurs in formal workshops, seminars and conferences. Reflective dialogue is encouraged with the School Director and colleagues. This takes place throughout the day and provides a less formal approach to ongoing professional growth.

Our teachers are actively engaged in working with and observing your children on a continual basis to monitor their progress. Parkview’s teachers also share their observations with other teachers in the school in order to develop the best educational and social opportunities available for your children.

The Ministry of Education and Professionally Sound Practice

The Reggio Emilia approach brings in best in practice to support your child’s growth and development. Parkview’s program also brings in the project approach as children explore and learn throughout the various areas in the child care/daycare classroom.

Parkview is proud that their curriculum approach follows the same principles used in the Ministry of Education kindergarten programs. Parkview commits to ensuring children have the best early learning education so that they are successful when they go to kindergarten for the first time.

Parkview also embraces new research published by the Ministry of Education about how children learn. The research document “How does learning happen” highlights four key concepts that must be present to support effective learning for children. These concepts can be seen throughout the daycare classrooms in the Burlington child care and Oakville child care locations. The four concepts are: Well-being, Expression, Engagement and Belonging.

What is Quality Child Care?

All three locations of Parkview Children’s Centres are proud participants of the of the Quality First program in Halton. The Quality First program supports programs to achieve quality child care for all children and youth. The Quality First program sets standards and expectations that exceed the minimum standards under the Ministry of Education. The program is based on research and best practice in the area of early learning and child care.

All three of our centres are successful participants of the Quality First program. At Parkview Children’s Centres we are pleased to be a respected member of this prestigious program. Our staff strive to meet and surpass all of the “Quality First” criteria and performance objectives. Membership in the “Quality First” program provides assurance to parents that their children are in good hands and receiving some of the best care and instruction available based on recent studies in the early childhood education field.

Each of our facilities is also licensed through the Ministry of Education and are inspected on an annual basis. We are proud of the reports we receive from the Ministry of Education and continuously look for ways in which we can improve.

What does it mean to be licensed by the Ministry of Education and a member of the Quality First program?

  • Facilities are licensed and regulated under the Child Care and Early Years Act
  • The program is monitored annually for safe and secure environments for children
  • Nurturing relationships are fostered to support the children’s growth and development
  • Stimulating environments are provided indoors and out
  • Warm and responsive caregiver interactions are valued
  • Controls are placed on child to adult ratios and small group sizes
  • Staff are supported for ongoing professional learning in successful early childhood education practices
  • Staff are paid decent wages and enjoy pleasant working conditions
  • Adequate safety, health, and physical environment policies are in place for staff
Embracing Children with Differing Abilities

Parkview Children’s Centre prides itself on being an inclusive child care centre where all children are invited to participate in the program. Staff strive to ensure that the program is planned so activities and equipment are developmentally appropriate meeting the unique needs of each child. Observations and dialogue with parents and colleagues helps to ensure the child care program is meeting each child’s unique needs.

There may be times when children with identified developmental needs (physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language) enrol at Parkview. When this happens the School Director meets with parents to ensure that the goals for the child are clear and curriculum plans are set to support the child for successful growth and development. The Registered Early Childhood Educators in the classroom commit to reviewing and implementing the program plans and meets with additional consultants to support the child and family. Ongoing observation, communication and revision to the program activities take place so that the child has what they need to be successful.

Children Exploring at our Burlington Preschool
Our History of Providing the Best in Halton Child Care

We have been offering quality child care/daycare in the Oakville and Burlington area for many years. Parkview Children’s Centre was founded in 1985 as a privately owned and operated daycare and preschool. We moved into a cozy and spacious red brick house on Lakeshore Road that year and began providing leading edge child care for Burlington families at that time.

A Board of Directors consisting of parents and community members was formed at that time. Subsequently, Parkview Children’s Centre was registered as a non-profit organization under the name Sharlaur Children’s Centre (Burlington) Inc. We were pleased when the Region of Halton selected Parkview Children’s Centre to operate child care facilities in their two new long term care facilities in Oakville and North Burlington. In 2005 The Village School opened in the Post Inn Village and the Orchard School opened in Creekway Village. The addition of these two facilities enhanced Parkview’s growing enrollment. We are proud of having been selected to provide the preschool and child care services in these long term care facilities. Being able to work with the seniors in these buildings has added another rich element to our programs and to the lives of our students.

Science lesson at our Oakville preschool
Three Locations to Serve You and Your Children

Getting out the door in the morning with children can be a challenge. At Parkview Children’s Centres we appreciate that. When you arrive at our door, professionally trained staff will greet you and your child and make it easy for you to get off to work or on with your day. We’re open from 6:45 a.m. until 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and with three convenient locations in Burlington and Oakville, we are likely just a short drive from your home or office.

All of our schools are licensed through the Ministry of Education and are non-profit programs. This means we subscribe to a very stringent and clear set of guidelines in terms of staffing and the quality of the educational programs we offer. We are happy to enroll children when they are infants up until children are eligible to go to kindergarten.

Call any of our schools to arrange a tour or to discuss fees for enrolling your child. Fee assistance, sponsored by the Region of Halton, may be available for families. The School Director at each site can provide you with information about eligibility.

Preschool Burlington Classroom

The St. Gregory School

Toddlers playing at our Oakville preschool
Oakville Daycare

Situated in the St Gregory Catholic Elementary School in North Oakville, this is our newest school, which opened in September 2016.

The location of The St. Gregory School provides easy access to families living in the Sixth Line/Dundas area as well as commuters heading to the 407 and Trafalgar Road.  Both children and parents can enjoy the open and welcoming feel of this new Oakville preschool making it a pleasant place to be a child. The facilities and staff at this location offer great opportunities for learning and playing.

The Orchard School

Burlington preschool art classes
Burlington Daycare

You’ll find this Burlington preschool just east of Appleby Line between Upper Middle Road and the Queen Elizabeth Highway. Located in the Creek Way Village, one of Halton’s long term care facilities offers special opportunities for an inter-generational program that benefits both the children and the residents of this modern building.

This location of Parkview Children’s Centre is set in a bright, attractive, building with the classroom designed to suit a wide ranging and active program for infant, toddler and preschool aged children. At this location, we offer a comprehensive child care/daycare program that will assist in keeping your child emotionally healthy, creative, learning, happy, and active.

The Orchard School offers an intergenerational program through it’s’ linkage with Halton Region’s long term care facility.

Here’s what one of our parents reported about their experience at the The Orchard School: “My daughter spent 4 years at this day care from age 2 to 6 years. My son was there from 18 months to 4 years. I was always very happy with everything about the centre. “Excellent Burlington daycare!”

The Village School

Burlington Preschool Activities
Oakville Daycare

Our Oakville preschool is located in Post Inn Village, another of Halton’s long term care facilities. It was built with the purpose of being able to provide the best quality care in Oakville by providing infant through preschool child care opportunities for children, infants until they are eligible to go to kindergarten. Located just east of Trafalgar Road between Upper Middle Road and Dundas Street West, it provides easy access to major traffic arteries to speed you on your way to work or on with your day.

Set in a well-lit modern facility, you’ll feel confident leaving your children at this Oakville daycare location. The Village School fits comfortably into the surrounding community and can take advantage of the intergenerational opportunities with seniors found in a long term care facility with which it is linked.

Children and their parents appreciate the private and spacious courtyard playground that ensures safety and ample opportunities for active play.

Why is Quality Daycare Important?

In Burlington and Oakville, preschool programs vary a great deal in terms of the quality of the facility and the type of instruction. But as a parent you want to ensure that your child is receiving the best care and learning opportunities based on the most recent research in the early childhood education field. Here are some reasons, based on recent research, to seek out the best Oakville and Burlington child care which only we can offer at our three Parkview Children’s Centres.

  • Higher quality child care leads to better developmental outcomes for children
  • High quality early learning plays a crucial role in social/emotional, physical and cognitive growth
  • Parents are partners in the care of their children and contribute to their child’s success
  • Effective adult/child staff ratios result in better quality care and better child development
  • Small group sizes are associated with more talk and play, and lead to higher social ability
  • More qualified staff leads to higher language levels, cognitive skills and more general knowledge

“Our best future is one in which all children are healthy and secure; emotionally and socially competent; eager, confident and successful learners….” (Charles E. Pascal Special Advisor on early Learning in Ontario). At Parkview Children’s Centre we believe that we provide the type of social and educational experience that mirrors those beliefs.

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