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Parent Handbook

The Parkview Parent Handbook provides  details, policies and practices to support the delivery of quality early learning and child care programs and before and after school programs.

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Donate Today!

As a not-for-profit organization, Parkview readily accepts and appreciates donations. 

Your donations are used to enhance the day to day programming for children through learning materials, outsourced professional services and technology such as art, music, and language. In addition, donations are used to supplement continuous staff development and technology to support their daily teaching practices.


Lillio (HiMama) App

Each Parkview school uses Lillio (formerly HiMama) – an easy to use app for families to stay up to date on their children’s day-to-day activities and a communication tool to use with childcare educators.  

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Mabel's Labels Fundraiser

We are excited to share that Parkview has recently enrolled in the Mabel’s Labels fundraising program.

We highly encourage families to label all items being brought into the centre and Mabel’s Labels provides multiple options for labeling various items (ie. Water bottles, shoes, clothing, etc).

When buying labels for your children’s items, you can support Parkview by clicking Support a Fundraiser and then search Parkview Children’s Centre (Burlington).

As a Non-Profit Child Care Centre, we really greatly appreciate your participation!

Halton Program

Artists and Children Together (ACT)

In partnership with MCRC, Parkview Children’s Centre is part of the Artists & Children Together (ACT) initiative to build an understanding of the importance of art as a languageThe ACT program is a great tool for children to express themselves.

We have an artist who is integrated into Parkview Children’s centre, where they:

  • Inspire creative thinking and open-ended arts-based experiences, working side by side with children, educators and families.

  • Promote expression through the arts by creating and implementing professional learning experiences, programs and events in the Art Studio and virtually.

  • Engage and collaborate with Indigenous communities in order to provide meaningful cultural experiences for program participants.

  • Meet with Parkview’s educators to go over and discuss their pedagogical documentation, as well as teach the educators and children how to use the many different art mediums.

Closeup of Children Painting in Art Class

Commonly Asked Questions from parents

General Questions

Every child has their specific sleep routine at home. While classrooms have soft music playing with the blinds closed, the classroom sleep environment is significantly different from what they are accustomed to at home. Children may have a hard time sleeping at the Centre when they first start. As we are required to monitor sleeping children, we are unable to have the classroom completely dark. If your child sleeps in an environment that has a white noise machine playing and the room completely dark, it will be beneficial for them to get accustomed to a sleep environment with different household noises and some light. The infant room is the only class that will accommodate sleep sacks in place of blankets.

Please see our Parent Handbook for our current child care costs.

We do not serve any peanut or nut products in our Centres and encourage families whose children may eat peanuts or nuts at home in the morning, that they have properly cleaned and sanitized their hands and face before arriving at school. Your allergy concerns are our top priority. We work closely with our catering company  Wholesome Kids, to ensure that our replacement snacks and meals are made specifically for your child’s special dietary needs. Our mission is to ensure that children with dietary needs receive food that is safe, healthy and aligns with their religious beliefs and lifestyle choices, including, Halal, Vegan and Vegetarianism.

Children who attend our program are expected to fully participate in all routines, including outdoor play.  If your child is ill, it is best to keep them at home until they are feeling better. If they are too sick to go outside, they are too sick to be at Child Care. Additionally, every classroom must adhere to proper teacher to child ratio. We cannot break ratios at any given time to supervise individual children.